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  • We didnt make the Water, we help make it better

    Water, it makes the world go round. Well, not really, however, It’s the most common substance found on Earth and is needed for every living thing to survive. But without clean water, we’d be reduced to about where we were at the turn of the nineteenth century or so. It’s also a key ingredient in our world’s Industrial, Commercial and Residential used for cooling, heating, washing and drinking. The scope is so expanse it covers...

What they are saying about IER

I actually wanted to let you know that one of my distributors has already gone with IER to get them out of a bind with one of their loyal contractors.  They were happy with the end result and advised me that they will continue doing business with IER in the future. I do appreciate the service you all can provide us and if anything ever comes up and I need some help I will definitely give you a call. Thank you for your support!  El Paso, TX.SIEMENS CONSTRUCTION SALES AGENT

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