Switch Features

    • 5kV and 15kV voltage classes
    • 600A and 1200A continuous load interrupting ratings for 5kV and 15kV classes
    • 400A continuous and load interrupting ratings for 5kV
    • Manual and electrical operation
      • Indoor or outdoor non-walk-in enclosures
      • NEMA pads for cable lugs
      • Surge Arresters
      • Instrument transformer capabilities
    • Front Access – 36″W x 40″D small installation
    • 80kA and 100kA asymmetrical momentary switches available – 2000A to 4000A non-load break – torque lock

Construction Features:

  • Provisons for padlocking door
  • Inspection window
  • Foot-operated door stop
  • Door interlock safety barrier
  • Provisions for door and switch key interlocks
  • Switch interlock
  • Red-Green switch position indicators
  • Provisions for padlocking switch open or closed
  • NEMA 3R construction with sloped roof (optional NEMA 1 flat roof)
  • Optional 18″ (depth) rear extension to accomodate other cable directions
  • All 1200A 1/4 x 3 silver-plated bus 65-degree C rise – 61kA RMS – 95kV bil peak design – tin optional
  • 1/4 x 2 Silver-plated copper ground bus – fully grounded closure
  • Optional condesnation heaters
  • Conforms to UL – NEMA – CSA – ANSI/IEEE C37.20 standards
  • Acommodates all type fuses – fuse clips up to 300A
  • Other sizes are available

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IER’s 5kV and 15kV Load Interrupter Switchgear has been constructed with an integrated assembly of switches, bus, and fuses designed for meidum voltage circuit protection. Our medium voltage Switchgear provides reliable, safe switching and fault protection for circuits rated from 2.4kV to 15kV. IER’s Switchgear is ideal for applications where high-duty cycle operation is not required.
The quick-make, quick-break mechanism carries full-load current-interrupting capabilityies while current-limiting fuses provide accurate, premanently calibrated short-circuit detection and interrupting capacities. Blade position visibility greatly improves safety by assuring electric circuit de-energization.