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Bussed gutters


IER Supplies Buss Gutters throughout the south-central US in both powder-coated and stainless to meet your local utilities code requirements.  Configured to your specifications IER will design and custom manufacture exactly what you need.  From 0 to 4000 amp, enclosed in a NEMA 1, 3R or 3R Stainless from 1 to 20 feet.   

product range

Voltage:  240 V to 600 V
System:  1P3W to 3P4W
Amperage:  Up to 4,000 A
Enclosure:  12 Gauge hot rolled steel
Buss Bracing:  Steel brace with dual UL listed isolators assembled with blue lock tight
Bolt Connection:  Riv-nut threaded inserts for higher holding force

feature options

Stainless Steel (304 or 316)
Custom Buss Connections
Custom CT Cans with Buss Connection