Oncor Tap Cans or Tap Boxes

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Tap Boxes Tap Cans
Tap Boxes Tap Cans
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Dallas Tap Cans & Tap Boxes with ONCOR specs

IER manufactures Electrical Tap Cans built to ONCOR specifications for the Dallas & Ft. Worth area. We offer standard enclosures ranging from 40″H x 30″W x 18″D to 48″H x 48″W x 24″D and custom sizes are available upon request. All of our Electrical Tap Cans come in NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X, Stainless Steel (304-316), Aluminum, or Carbon Steel enclosures. We also offer hot dip galvanize versions upon request. Tap Box current ratings available up to 6,000 amps. Contact your IER representative or your local electrical distributor for an immediate quote. IER can provide complete drawings and assist in getting your products approved for any utility district, not just the Dallas Ft. Worth area.

IER manufactures both UL Listed tap cans and non-UL tap boxes depending on your needs. All terminations must be made in accordance with NEC guidelines, connection lugs are not provided.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), our complete in-house manufacturing capabilities allow for fast service. IER’s experienced team of engineers, designers and knowledgeable sales staff can provide fast service on high quality electrical equipment .

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CT Cans – Weatherheads – Bussed Gutters

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CT Cans – Cable Tap Boxes – Bussed Weatherheads
CT Cans – Cable Tap Boxes – Bussed Weatherheads
CT Cans – Cable Tap Boxes – Bussed Weatherheads
CT Cans – Cable Tap Boxes – Bussed Weatherheads
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CT Cans – Cable Tap Boxes – Bussed Weatherheads – Custom Copper Fabrication – Custom Glastic – Bussed Gutters

IER provides a wide variety of products to the electrical  industry, many of them standard equipment ready for quick shipping, but we also specialize in custom designs for special applications.

Commercial Bussed Weatherheads coupled with CT Cans are one of our most popular items. Our Houston area CenterPoint standardized designs meet or exceed their requirements and can be easily shipped on a rush basis if needed. Our bussed gutters and custom built wireways are built to industry standards and are available in most NEMA types for indoor or outdoor applications.

Partnering with IER’s complete engineering and manufacturing capabilities gives you the edge over the competition. We can quickly design and manufacture customized electrical products in-house engineered to your local utility specs.

Download the printable PDF flyer version


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Electrical Calculators – KVA Power Factor Correction

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Power Factor Correction Graph

Electrical Calculators – KW Power Factor Corrections

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Power Factor Correction Graph

15KV Switchgear with Fuse and Lightening Arrester

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IER’s new 15KV medium-voltage switchgear provides reliable switching and fault protection for a wide variety of applications. Our newly designed metal enclosed switchgear assembly meets or exceeds IEEE C37.20.3 as well as NEMA SG5 and NEMA SG6 and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Built-in door interlocks guarantee the switchgear and fuse panels remain closed until switch is opened and the switch viewing window provides clear, visible confirmation of disconnected contacts.

up to 15 kV

up to 1200 A

up to 63 kAIC

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Motor Control Centers in Stock

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Motor Control Center

A Motor Control Center is the most flexible distribution system available today, offering both the capabilities for power distribution system and motor control. IER is a key partner offering a full range of services to meet your MCC needs. We stock a large lineup of vertical sections in various sizes and amperage ranges to meet most applications. When you need your MCC faster than standard delivery, IER can deliver. IER offers quick-ship and same-day service.

Call us or stop by for a tour today!

Custom Switchboard Modification

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IER provides cutom Switchboard modification including copper and enclosure adjustments.

Custom Switchboard Modification – Adjusted the width from 60″ to 52″. To accomplish this, the enclosure and all of the horizontal copper had to be redesigned and replaced in a Quick-Ship time frame.

At IER, we take pride in the wide variety of work we do for our customers. Our projects range from custom design and fabrication to repairs and modification and so much more!