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Motor Control Centers are the most flexible distribution system available today, offering both the capabilities for power distribution system and motor control.

Motor control centers, (MCC) are typicly used for low voltage three-phase A/C motors from 208 V to 600 V.

Each motor controller bucket can be specified with a wide range of options. IER can build in custom features such as separate control transformers, pilot lamps, control switches, extra control terminal blocks, various types of thermal or solid-state overload protection relays, or various power fuses and circuit breakers.

IER’s MCC can either be supplied ready for the customer to connect all field wiring, or can be engineered to connect to a central control panel board or PLC.

IER is a key partner offering a full range of services to meet your MCC needs.

Motor Control Centers


Siemens tiastar™ Motor Control Centers

Siemens tiastar™ industrial motor control centers combine proven designs and components with the latest in technological advances to meet any application.


GE 8000 and E9000 Motor Control Centers

GE motor control centers have been designed and manufactured with demanding applications in mind


Eaton Series 2100/5 Star MCC

Eaton’s motor control centers offer premium motor control distribution equipment specially designed to operate machinery, industrial processes, and commercial building systems.

Motor Control Buckets

Square D Motor Control Center Buckets

Model 3 MCC bucket
Model 4 MCC bucket
Model 5 MCC bucket
Model 6 MCC bucket

General Electric Motor Control Center Buckets

7098 MCC bucket
7700 MCC bucket
8000 Line MCC buckets
9000 Line MCC buckets

Westinghouse – Cutler Hammer – Eaton MCC Buckets

11-300 MCC bucket
9800 Unitrol MCC bucket
Type W MCC bucket
F10 Unitrol MCC bucket
Freedom Unitrol MCC bucket
Series 2100 MCC bucket
5 Star MCC bucket
Advantage MCC bucket
F2100 MCC bucket

Allis Chalmers – ITE – Furnas – Siemens Motor Control Center Buckets

Mark 1 MCC bucket
Mark 2 MCC bucket
MarQ21 MCC bucket
ITE 9600 MCC
5640 MCC bucket
5641 MCC bucket
5642 MCC bucket
Class 89 MCC bucket
System 89 MCC bucket
Model 90 MCC bucket
Model 95 MCC bucket
Model 95+ MCC bucket
TiaStar MCC bucket

Allen Bradley Motor Control Center Buckets

Bulletin 798 MCC bucket
2100 Centerline MCC bucket

Federal Pacific Motor Control Center Buckets

5310 MCC bucket
5320 MCC bucket

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