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Bussed Weatherheads


IER Bussed Weather Heads are designed to provide a long term and durable utility entry for large service requirements. Available for quick ship IER provides a complete product range to complement the installation with disconnects, buss gutters, and power distribution gear to complete you project from a single source.


Voltage: 240 to 600 Volt
Amerage: 600 to 4,000 A
Service: 1p3w to 3p4w


Material:  12 gauge hot rolled steel.
Coating:  Powder-coated gray (standard)
Mounting:  3” insulators.
Buss Material:  
    Copper bars are mill plated
    Hole Pattern:  NEMA 2 (1 3/4” x 1 3/4”)
    Hole Diameter:  NEMA 2 (9/16” diameter)
All weatherheads are continuously welded.
Covers & Gaskets:  held in place with self threading screws